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Western Lithophanes

Springbrook Design Tied Fly Jewelry

Huckleberry Products

Bitterroot Bath & Boutique


Buffalo Jerky & Sausage

Selected Unique Products

 Bitterroot Bath and Boutique

Our unique lines of personal care products were developed in Montana to protect and pamper your body, included are goat's milk soaps, from Windrift Hill and Milk Made, buffalo tallow soap, huckleberry naturals and beeswax skin care from Yellowstone bees.


Western Lithophanes

Specialty Lighting for Home & Office

"Lithophanes" (Pictures in three-dimension) are lighting panels that are cast from detailed three-dimensional relief engravings.



Springbrook Design ProductsSpringbrook Design Products

Unique Line of Elegant Jewelry

Inspired by the blue-ribbon trout streams of scenic Western Montana, Springbrook Design has created a unique line of elegant jewelry.


Huckleberry Products

Wild Huckleberry Products

These products are handmade with handpicked berries ~ NO artificial flavors or preservatives, our products are delicious on toasts, pancakes and even cheesecakes.

Try our taste of wilderness !


Lifeline Farm

Old-fashioned organic cheese from Montana's Bitterroot valley

Lifeline Farms cheese is made right here in Montana. All the milk for the cheese comes from a herd of Brown Swiss cows on Lifeline Farm's farm in the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana.


Rocky Mountain Wildflower Plaques

Rocky Mountain Wildflower Plaques are artistic arrangements uniquely created from 15 species of pressed and dried delicate wild flowers, mosses, grasses, and leaves from the woods, mountains, and mountain meadows of the Rocky Mountains of Montana.



Big Sky Sapphire Constellations

Our jewelery section includes the most unusual jewelry on the internet including Montana sapphires and tied fly fishing jewelery.


Buffalo Jerky & Sausage

Buffalo meat is lean, tender, and flavorful. All our buffalo products are locally produced from “free-range” herds.

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